Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hello, pibbled shore. I was living away for a while, and now I'm back. I'm taking a class about teaching writing, just applied to the Central Utah Writing Project, my students take the standardized writing test next week. Writing is on my brain. The healthiness of a daily write, in particular, is on my brain today. Already, two minutes in, my fingers fly, then stop, then fly again. My heart slows, my breathing becomes a thing I notice and enjoy. Ah, writing.

I'm thinking about models and planning tomorrow's lesson for my juniors. Basically, they're just going to read sample student essays and break them down, analyze how and if they work. The standardized writing test is next week, and it's time to just look at models again.

Models are beautiful things. I'm betting the kids will actually have fun tomorrow. Hopefully, this video won't be too geeky. Actually, it doesn't matter. Even if they think it's really stupid, they'll still remember the metaphor.

Today, I wish my memories included years of watching a model housekeeper. And on that note, it's time for bed. Laundry can wait, wie immer.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


This little blog has been a good friend in some tough times and has served me well. Daily writing proved a balm again and again. When all else seemed to be fraying at the edges or breaking apart, here stood my shore, always ready to accept a pebble or two or five without judgment and rarely a comment.

To my small audience, I will still be around to record the rambling world in my head, just not daily. Or maybe sometimes daily. Whatever.

Enough of that. I really pulled this up tonight to record the status of my resolutions this year. I ate no candy at all for 29 days and decided that was silly because candy makes me happy. True fact. Leaving work by 5:00? Again, this was a bit silly. I no longer need such arbitrary rules to stop my brain from falling into the drink. 100 things every week? Still going strong. Not a burden at all. Nine weeks in a row. 900 things given away or tossed. One would think my house must be bare, but no. Looks hardly different at all. But I feel fantastically more free. Ah, deep, deep breath.

So, that's my life. One out of three was not silly. Fine odds.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Mistakes, that is. Oh, why, why, why, why must I learn things the hard way? I've made the classic new English teacher blunder: far too many papers to read and I've set this up all wrong and frankly, any student of mine is pretty much having a write-off year. Oh, well. That's not always such a bad thing. And as long as I can find a job for next year, I do get to start over.

Yes, I'm exaggerating. A little.

Still, feeling upbeat. So there's that. Learning some things.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Must learn new way to grade papers. This is killing me, and I'm getting so much further behind. Sigh.

Weirdly, I still feel pretty good.


Huh. Woke up this morning and remembered I hadn't posted on this little blog for a couple days, but an entire work week? No idea about that.

Didn't feel so hot yesterday, so I called in a sub. First day of work I've missed. It was a good, restful day. I feel much better today.

The pressure, the press as I refer to it, has returned, but it's different. No. It's the same, but I have a greater ability to look at it from a distance. Feeling proud about that.

I have a big, big goal. It's likely I won't make it, and no harm if not. Oh, but I do want it. If I can get all my stuff done for BYU by March 30, Carl and I are going to Santa Fe for spring break. to work I must go. It's going to be a near thing.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Primary is a bit of a panic just now. The beginning of the year is always a daze, but moving from a class of nine year olds to a class of seven year olds, well, it's an adjustment. For example, we must take a bathroom/drink/get-out-of-Dodge break about halfway through. Also, one little boy is a practiced escape artist.

They still love Skittles. And they love reading the actual scriptures. And nearly our entire class has learned all the books in the Book of Mormon already.

And I still love these little munchkins. Yes, I actually do have to prepare a lesson now. I'll get over it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Actually, nothing tonight to talk about. Finished organizing so I can get some work done.